Back4Sure 1.0

Simple backup tool with filters and compression


  • Very easy to use
  • Support for compressed backup copies
  • Use filters to include or exclude certain file types


  • No scheduled backups

If your only excuse not to make backup copies of important data is that you can't find a backup tool that's easy enough for you, try Back4Sure.

Back4Sure is a simple backup application with which you can easily create copies of all your important files and folders. The program features a simple interface design with your system's folder structure on the left, and a series of tabs on the right to configure backup jobs.

All you have to do is select the folders you want to include in the backup copy with simple mouse clicks, and add filters to include or exclude certain files based on their extension, size or date. The backups in Back4Sure are incremental, meaning only those files that have changed since the last copy will be saved. You also have the option to compress backup copies to save hard drive space.

In all, Back4Sure is a pretty straightforward backup program, but in my opinion it has one main drawback: the lack of a built-in scheduling feature. You can at least create desktop shortcuts to frequently used backup jobs, and run them with a mouse click.

If you need a really simple backup tool for your important data, Back4Sure may be a good candidate.



Back4Sure 1.0

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